How to Label a Package and How to get FREE Shipping Supplies?

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

How to label a packageThe label on a package that is going to be sent is important with two essential characteristics; that it is in a visible place and that it is completely clear. With the first characteristic, we must consider that the surface that we are going to paste it on is flat. The second point is to make sure that the ink is of very good quality and that the paper does not have any type of wrinkles or that it can tear easily.

Labeling a product or freight is as important as taking care of the objects that go inside the cartons or wrappings that we are going to send. The label contains important information about where the product has to arrive; including the address, the name of the company, and the contact information of who is going to receive it. Finally, the barcode is unique to each parcel and allows the product to be properly tracked.

 How to print labels for your package?

Achieving flawless labeling is highly dependent on the technology and experience of whoever is in charge. Use an advanced label printer; that can do the job on good quality paper. Be a professional, trained to apply the appropriate processes, and learn how to handle the label printer to stick the label on the different packages. Or hire someone who can. This way, we do not create setbacks with customers; especially if the label is wrong, we can run the risk that the delivery of the freight will be late. 

How to attach a paper shipping label to your packageInxpress shipping label

Stick the label on a clean surface clear of packing tape, or labels from previous shipments. Additionally, it is extremely important that the label is not wrinkled or illegible. The barcode must be scannable. Otherwise, this can cause shipping mistakes with the transit, and ultimately causing delays.

Prevent the label from sticking to the edges of the package as you may lose important information.

Good labeling on the packages denotes professionalism and presence; is part of the cover letter to generate a good first impression.

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