Purolator your Strategic Partner with InXpress Best for Express Shipping

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

Have you heard about Purolator?Purolator InXpress Canada strategic partner

Purolator is a courier company that services Canada, the United States and reaches other international destinations with its allied partners.

For 60 years, Purolator has been known to satisfy customers with the punctuality and professionalism that customers have come to know and love!

Who owns the company?

Purolator is not a fully private company.  In fat, 90% of it is owned by the government, specifically, Canada Post.  The company leads postal logistics and parcel services in Canada.  The main offices are Purolator Ontario Center, Waterloo, and Kelowna, BC.

Currently, Purolator operates from more than 170 post office locations and 110 logistics and distribution centers. Purolator provides delivery services Monday to Friday plus offers a weekend delivery as well!  ShipBetter.ca with InXpress provides a booking solution 24/7 for your small/medium-sized business and E-Commerce needs.  If you ship but would prefer a dedicated and quick-response service with no additional costs, our shipping experts will be glad to assist you and help your business grow.

purolator shipping discountsHow is Purolator and InXpress connected?

ShipBetter.ca with InXpress has an excellent alliance with Purolator to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with the best alternatives for their shipments with quality, safety, and effectiveness.  We work together to provide service that truly goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations!  We combine the shipping volume from all our entire database of small-medium sized business customers to get the deepest discounts. Ultimately, we get you great rates with a single point of contact and one invoice.

Where you can find general information about Purolator?

Sure, you can find the answers you may be looking for on Purolator.com regarding drop off locations closest to you, tracking information, what not to ship, how to schedule a pickup,  and other information about the services.  But why spend time looking for this information, when you can have your own personal freight consultant? You can find  all this and more by a simple call or message. At ShipBetter.ca our Freight consultants are ready to support you and all your shipping needs, helping you find the best rate and shipping services for your business.

Why InXpress is the best option for your expedited packages?Purolator logistics

Things our customers love about us – being able to quote, schedule and track your shipments through our convenient online portal!

Are you an e-commerce seller?  WebShip+ (InXpress’ Breakthrough Shipping Platform) allows you to integrate your platform and streamline the shipping process. It automatically  pulls your customer orders into the portal for quick and easy processing.

Contact us today and get access to top-tier volume shipping discounts- we look forward to working wtih you!