How to Save Money on Shipping Costs for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to ship a product from one place to another? Or where to even start looking? Which shipping company is best suited for your specific needs? How do you know what companies to trust? Do you worry if small businesses doesn’t have enough volume to get good rates compared to bigger companies?

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When choosing the best shipping company for your small or medium-sized business

Through third party shipping companies, small companies scan offer the same shipping services than large corporations do. Third party companies offer even much lower prices along with a personalized customer service representative to provide advice.

In recent years, ecommerce companies have increased considerably. This business model increased the demand for shipments, even for startup home businesses.

For many businesses, covid-19 caused businesses to close. However, it was quite the contrary for others. There has been an increase of opportunities and excellent profits for companies shipping to residents. Small and medium-sized companies started shipping their products due to quarentine. Without a shipping option, some businesses would have gone obsolete.

To meet business goals, small and medium-sized companies have looked for the best way to ship. “Shipping for small business” was a popular Google search, along with “best shipping rates”, “shipping online”, or “how to ship”. Many companies had to create websites to offer shipping of their goods.

ecommerce inxpressSmall and medium-sized companies are affected

Some smaller companies do not have the capital to pay large shipping freight charges. As a result, companies sometimes tell customers they cannot sell their items. Third-party shipping brokers help small and medium-sized companies to find shipping services that won’t break the bank. If you are a small business owner, you may have pondered if it was worth eating the freight charges, right? It may be difficult to find freight companies to ship for small business, therefore, we do this for you.

In the last year, the general population prefers to send or receive merchandise in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, companies are adapting and dedicating their sales online and offering shipping options.

The purpose of InXpress Canada is to remove shipping hassles for small or medium-sized business

InXpress Canada does all the research in finding the best option for the specific needs, so you don’t have to. The company has shipping consultants throughout the country and its freight shipments reach most of the world. Recognized throughout the world, DHL is the most commonly used international carrier for parcel shipping. InXpress is one of the top 5 earners for DHL, hence the ability to pass on deep discounts for smaller businesses. DHL shipping rates are amoung of the cheapest on the market for courier shipping. Canpar and Purolator are domestic examples of what InXpress uses.

InXpress Canada works with any type of packages and offers personalized service. It is a company that best shipping for small and medium sized businesssimply talks to you in person/ on the phone/ via texts/ and not to operators who waste your time.

Remember, you can always depend on your InXpress Shipping Expert to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in optimal condition. Your team needs you to focus on other important tasks in your business, so InXpress is there to deal with the shipping hassles for you. Give all the shipping headaches to the Shipping Experts.

Shipping Consultants take the load off your shoulders by helping you build trust with the shipping companies. They also calculate the shipping costs, gives you the best domestic and international shipping rates, shows you how to use the automated shipping platform, and teaches you how to look for freight rates. Doesn’t matter if it is one pallet, or FTL (Full Truckload ) freight; Shipping Consultants will find what’s best for your company.

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