LTL Freight Carriers

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

Are you looking for a LTL freight carrier? Are you tired of searching on Google to research which one is best suited for your business?. There are too many LTL Freight carriers around Canada but did you know that you can find the best carriers all in the same place?. Yes, it is possible! with InXpress Canada make it possible just click here and start to Save Money, Time and Hassle.

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What is an LTL freight carrier?

Firstly, LTL means “Less Than a Truck Load” and is a type of freight service that takes your merchandise from any point to another within Canada or across the border with USA or Mexico. This service is more attached to small and medium businesses since they do not need to fill a truck with cargo. In Conclusion you can share the truck with other companies to lower costs and improve your productivity and ultimately Save Money.

If you are looking for “LTL freight carriers near me”

In Canada, the InXpress company, with its main offices in Toronto, Niagara and Barrie, is a great company that you can get access to top-tier volume shipping discounts for your LTL freight. In addition, it also offers its service to the border with the United States and Mexico. Best of all, InXpress Canada works with the best shipping carriers such as DHL, Day and Ross and more. The best of all is that you can find this companies in one place just CLICK HERE!.

Visit the InXpress Canada website and you will find additional information about obtaining special discounts that other companies do not offer.

Remember, it is not necessary to leave the house or lift a finger. What is better than someone else finding the best shipping option for you and goes to the pickup and deliver your freight for you? So, stay safe at home!

The Best carriers in one place for your LTL freight

DHL Day and Ross Vitran XPO Logistics Carriers with InXpress Carriers

InXpress Canada, as a world leader in domestic and international freight services, can provide the best shipping rates for your small and medium business. Due to our size and shipping volumes, we may offer customers unrivaled shipping rates.

We also manage excellent alliances with the best freight transport companies recognized in the world, we already mentioned DHL, Day and Ross these two companies are joined by several such as Vitran Express, XPO Logistics, Polaris Transportation, Blue Grace, SAIA, among others.


Advantages to get your LTL freight quote with InXpress Canada

As InXpress Canada, we want to provide you with the best service for your LTL freight and that is why we excel at serving our customers.

We are a company with which you talk with a real person, so that you are sure that your shipments or cargo arrive without setbacks, we put at your disposal an advisor who will deal exclusively with your LTL freight, tracking live with the best technology and informing you of its progress. Most importantly, we provide you the confidence that your merchandise will arrive without problems at its destination.

What factors determine LTL freight rates?

The most important factors to determine your LTL freight rates are the following:

  • Weight of the load
  • Destination of shipment 
  • Occupancy inside the cargo vehicle (Dimensional weight)
  • If the shipment is express or special accessorials 

The best carrier for all your LTL freight needs

At InXpress Canada we work with the best shipping companies in the world. With us, you can handle the best carrier rates that won’t break your budget for your LTL freight.

Above all, the most important are: DHL, Day and Ross, Vitran Express, YRC Freight, SAIA, TST Overland, XPO Logistics, Maritime Ontario Freight Lines, Polaris Transportation, Speedy, Overland West, Comox, New Penn, Holland, ABF Freight, Clearline Freight, Blue Grace, Frontline Freight, custom Companies.

ShipBetter with InXpress the best ltl freight carrier in Canada
Some of the InXpress Carriers for LTL Freight. Find more at our WebShip+ platform. CONTACT US!

Day & Ross

Firstly, helps you ship goods from one point to another using excellent trucks. In addition, your LTL freight is given a tracking number to make it identifiable, when you send many packages to different destinations. In conclusion you will know in real time where are your items.

The tracking number should be available to you on our WebShip+ or you can find it in the app. Only with this number you can track and monitor the status of your LTL Freight.

Vitran Express

Is a recognized provider in Canada for its LTL freight services on a regional and national level. It currently has 15 terminals in the main metropolitan areas.

They transport cargo by road or with rail service, or mixed. Premium expedited service between central and western Canada, “Maxximum”, is exclusive for urgent shipments that reduce transit time by up to 40% using teams of drivers. If you visit the website, you can get a quickly shipping freight quote.

If you are looking to combine air and ground shipping to meet your tightest deadlines; our platform will get a quote with YRC Freight, this company can customize and adjust your shipments as you require.

You can find many options for your shipment; we suggest you set the shipment priority and choose the best carrier to meet your requirement.

What do you need to get your FREE quote to find the best LTL carrier for your freight?

Dimensions and weight to get a quote
requirements to get a quote

It is important to have all the detailed information on all the cargo you want to send; regardless of the quantity or size, be it small, light, heavy or large, in all cases it is essential to specify the following information to get a free quote to find the best LTL carrier:

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Pick up and delivery location with address and Zip code
  • Pick up date
  • Freight Type: LTL, FTL or PARCEL

Finally, if you have a trouble to arrange your shipments do not doubt to contact us; we rack our brain for you.