What Freight Forwarders in Canada do?

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

Freight Forwarders in Canada, how they work?. The shipment of merchandise from one place to another can not be handled only by the importer or exporter.  Therefore, this work is often entrusted to an intermediary, more commonly known as freight forwarders.

Question mark Fright Forwarder InXpress CanadaIn this article we will learn about the fundamental role of freight forwarders and why it is the most important part of the entire process of sending and receiving items; that arrive by all types of routes such as air freight, flatbed freight carriers and ocean freight.

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What are Freight Forwarders?

It is the person or company who oversees all shipping´s logistics, shuttle, and arrival of the merchandise in Canada and worldwide. The freight forwarder knows the product from when it is packed until it is unpacked at its destination. He makes sure the cargo is safe, profitable, and efficient. He is an intermediary who is there to solve the roadmaps of large freight forwarding companies when they send their products to and from Canada.

How to choose Freight Forwarders?

To choose an excellent freight forwarder or international freight forwarding company in Canada:

Freight Forwarder skills Vancouver Canada

  • Looks at is their experience in the field. It is an important point because we will know how efficient the person or company we are hiring is.
  • Consider is also the number of contacts may have around the world; with this we will be guaranteeing that the merchandise arrives or reaches us in a faster way.
  • Finally, they must know everything about customs issues in the different countries where the cargo is going to be  ransported; which can streamline the process and documentation in this sector to avoid delays.

What functions Freight Forwarders have?

The role played by an international freight forwarder is one of high responsibility, since it will depend on his hands that the merchandise arrives as soon as possible at its destination and in good condition, as we have already mentioned before. But, in addition, this person or company must fulfill other functions such as:

  1. Effective advice on routes and costs
  2. Reservation of space regarding the shipment of the merchandise (plane, ship, container, etc.)
  3. The Canadian freight forwarder must offer the best insurance for the product
  4. Prepare and collect all documentation for international paperwork
  5. Knowing about judicial and customs laws of each country is essential by the freight forwarder. It is an important part of the “Know-How” of the operation
  6. Covers port and terminal expenses
  7. Know efficiently the technology to use for the real-time monitoring of the product

Canada Freight Forwarder Functions


In Canada, which companies offer this service?

There are many companies that work as freight forwarders in Canada and working as Canadian freight forwarders is one of the most profitable. In the main cities of the North American country such as Toronto and Vancouver, you may wonder “Where do I find freight forwarders near me?“; These freight forwarders may be closer to you than you imagine, providing you with all kinds of international shipping solutions.

Freight Forwarders in Toronto and Vancouver are:

  • MGA International Logistics
  • Freight Fox
  • Freightera
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company (Canada)
  • World Cargo
  • Paige Logistics

For more information about these companies you can check it here

What are the advantages of having a freight forwarder?

As we have explained throughout the article, hiring an international freight forwarder, or Freight Forwarding company has its benefits such as:

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  1. Support with shipping logistics of merchandise in any country and be responsible for the packaging and care.
  2. Freight forwarder takes out insurance for damages in the handling of the merchandise.
  3. They oversee the documentation, taxes, laws in the different customs points of the countries.
  4. Handle the most advanced technology in route systems and costs.
  5. If the merchandise suffers an unforeseen event, the international freight forwarder is there to solve it.


In conclusion, we can see that having a freight forwarder is;

Very useful if as a company we cannot be aware of all the details of the shipment and receipt of the merchandise. Having a person or company that is aware of the merchandise in each country so as not to suffer inconveniences and save hassle in every shipment.

Sometimes a company that is in one country and has problems with its cargo in another country, above all can not send a delegate to solve the problem because it would be a huge expense both economically and in time. A freight forwarder is aware of each law, rates, and tax of each country and has strategic contacts in the different customs points to speed up the process of entry and exit of international freight forwarding.

Without a doubt, hiring these professionals is to guarantee efficiency, speed and security. Moreover, you will save money on your international shipments.

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