Are you looking for Full Truckload FTL rates? When you should use FTL Freight?

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

In the previous article we detailed everything about the LTL shipping service but this time we will analyze the main points about Full Question mark about FTL fright InXpress CanadaTruckload or better known as FTL; how and when it is optimal to use this service. What are the benefits of FTL? What are the best options, which companies have the best freight shipping rate and freight shipping quotes, and if they deliver packages the same day service, no matter how heavy the load is? We hope that reading this note will clarify the use of the FTL service.

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What is Full Truckload (FTL)?

Shipping and succes quote InXpress NiagaraIt is the type of full load transport that contains more than 10 pallets from a single company and that must be at the point of delivery in a maximum time. The products are not constantly handled, so the merchandise arrives safely at its destination. In addition, the companies that offer this type of FTL service do not invest much in tracking technology and route planning since it is not necessary for the product to be from load to load or changing transport.

When to use Full Truckload (FTL)?

It is recommended to use the Full Truckload (FTL) parcel service when you have a large amount of merchandise, if it is delicate or fragile so that it does not go from truck to truck, when it is required to arrive on time, if it must arrive urgently at the destination and if it is an exclusive shipment.

What is the difference between FTL and LTL?

The main differences between these two types of freight forwarding are:


  1. Shared load between several companies or people
  2. Product handling at each stop point
  3. The shipment takes longer to reach the destination
  4. Greater investment is needed in tracking technology due to the different routes that transport can take
  5. Its use is mainly among small and medium-sized companies
  6. For your shipment to arrive the same day service you must pay a little more


  1. Single company upload
  2. Less product handling
  3. Many options truckload freight rates in case the merchandise change the truck during the shipping.
  4. Merchandise reaches destination point faster
  5. No need for a lot of investment in satellite tracking system
  6. Its use is of large companies
  7. Without additional charges, your shipments can arrive the same day service at your destination

Differences between Full Truckload FTL vs Less Than Truckload LTL

Full Truckload (FTL) benefits

  • Exclusive charge for the company requesting the FTL service
  • Excellent freight shipping rateFull Truckloads benefits InXpress Canada
  • Single car satellite tracking
  • The shipment of Full Truckload parcel arrives on time to the destination
  • Less risk of product damage due to handling
  • The merchandise in Full Truckload does not pass from one truck to another
  • The Full Truckload has a higher load capacity
  • Many options of truck shipping rates
  • You do not share merchandise with other companies or carriers
  • Insuring the merchandise is not that expensive


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The Full Truckload service is exclusive, as we have said, for large companies that need to send large volume goods to different points within Canada or across the border with USA.

same day shipping ShipBetter with InXpress CanadaIn Canada, for example, InXpress offers the FTL service nationwide as well as to the United States. Its three locations (InXpress Toronto, InXpress Barrie & InXpress Niagara) offer this service 24/7.

In addition, InXpress Canada helps you with the support of a personal freight consultant to help find the best benefit both in terms of logistics and a good freight shipping rate so that the merchandise arrives at the destination on time, looking for the best routes with the support of its advanced technology. InXpress Toronto, InXpress Barrie and InXpress Niagara you can access shipping discounts depending on the type of parcel shipment that the client wishes to dispatch with Full Truckload.

We can say that both Less than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) are two types of shipping transport that are to help companies and people in the business of taking and bringing merchandise from one point to another. Before requesting a freight shipping quote, especially online shipping services or courier services, you should plan and think well what type of cargo or transport you need for your deliveries.

Choose the best option not only consider the freight shipping rate but also the logistics and delivery times. In this article as in the previous one that we talked about shipping LTL, there are tips so that you can stay on and continue to know the benefits of the world of parcel shipping. with InXpress Canada, save Money, Time and Hassle in every shipment.