How to Ship Less Than Truckload (LTL) ?

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

Sending merchandise within Canada or across the border with USA can be expensive; if you do not know how the freight companies operate and what companies offer what services. At least trucking companies offer two types of shipping, Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL). This time we will learn more about the LTL.

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What is Less Than Truckload (LTL)?

Less Than Truckload; is a term used for a type of pallet shipping service that transports your goods from anywhere within Canada or across the border with USA. It literally means the skids fit less than a full truck. This service is more attached to the economy of small and medium businesses since they do not need to fill a truck with cargo; but you can share the same truck with other companies to reduce costs.

The delivery to the receiver will take more time since it is sharing a trailer; the carrier will have to stop in several places to complete the pallet vehicle but, LTL shipping is a safe and trustworthy service.  Usually, the maximum load capacity is 15,000 pounds per LTL freight.

When to use the LTL shipping service?

We can use LTL service if the merchandise does not need to arrive on an exact date or time; there we can say that the best option is to use the LTL shipping service to save Money. This point is important because we understand that your product will be handled by several people on several occasions and that it can be from one truck to another and if the respective care is not taken, your product will arrive in poor condition.

Therefore, you must ensure the guarantees that your freight consultant offers you when you request a shipping freight quote. with InXpress Canada will find a freight consultant with a dedicated service to support your business from pick up to drop off because your promise is our business.

Where find an LTL Freight service in Canada?

Ship Better now with InXpress Toronto, LTL FTL and Parcel ShippingMaybe you are asking: “Is it possible to find LTL near me” for Shipping goods within Canada, or across the border with USA? The answer is: YES. You can find InXpress Canada, with all offices; InXpress Toronto, InXpress Niagara InXpress Richmond Hill, and InXpress Barrie and our corporate office InXpress Burlington.  Is one of the few freight companies that offers one of the better options for LTL freight.

InXpress Canada also as be part of DHL that is a large freight company that is around the world; are easily accessible to unrivaled shipping solutions at some of the lowest prices anywhere.

This kind of company gives you special services DHL, for example, offers you the tracking service of your LTL freight; so that you can track it at every moment and thus ensure that the product reaches the receiver on time.

The “DHL track package” consists of calling your freight consultant and requesting the status and location of your merchandise. With just one call, you will know everything about the contracted LTL service that is in progress.

Benefits of using Less Thank Truckload

Opting for Less Than Truckload has some advantages that contribute to the effectiveness of the main activity or your small and medium business, we detail the main ones below:

Save Environment

  • Reduces the emissions using fewer truckloads carrying full loads, developing a resource optimization.InXpress Toronto Shipping Company

Save Time

  • You do not need to wait to fill an entire truckload to send your products; you will share the space of the truckload with other small and medium businesses.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips and routes

Save Money

  • You do not need to fill an entire truckload for your smaller shipments; so you only will pay for the space that you are using on the truckload in only one invoice.

Save Hassle

  • The freight company is responsible for the shipping logistics and guarantees that the merchandise arrives in excellent condition at its destination.
  • Get updated reports from the freight consultant.
  • Only the best carriers; InXpress Canada works solely with the best carriers in the industry and can pinpoint the optimum service for your exact needs-reducing the risk of problems arising in the first place.

So we hope that with this article you can first understand how to work with  LTL shipping service and also be able to help you when you request a shipping freight quote and hire a freight consultant so that you do not get caught off guard and do not surprise you with high prices.

Now you know that there are different ways to send your packages and the best of all is that you save Time, Money and Hassle. Our team at ShipBetter with InXpress Canada, will be glad to assist you 24/7 to answer all your shipping inquiries.


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