Benefits of using a Freight Consultant for your Canadian Business

Posted by Andres Campaña Cueva

Have you heard about the benefits of using a Freight Consultant? 

Learn more about how a Freight Consultant can make your business easier and save your company money through this article. Today, large companies depend on third parties to transport their cargo. We wonder why large multinational companies prefer to pay others to do the work. Easy, in economic matters, it is more profitable and in logistics, there is less worry to let the contracted freight company carry the load. Freight Consultant was created to make life easier for purchasing or logistics coordinators and managers.

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In this highly digitized and fast-pace world, what better way for someone to help businesses with the workload behind the scenes. Outsourcing of freight consulting services fit like a glove because this service relieves work stress. Moreover, it saves companies good money thanks to the low rates ​​they handle due to the high volume of customer needs. Imagine your personalized shipping department; without needing to pay a salary.


What is the function of a freight consultant?

The freight consultant already takes care of everything, such as finding the best carriers, best rates, preparing documents, and finally leading to the delivery of the merchandise. They have advanced technology for quoting and tracking that facilitate the movement of orders. All these freight consulting services include a personalized touch when a company requests a shipping freight quote.

Freight Consultant InXpress CanadaAs we said before, dedicated freight consultants are there to make life easier for their clients, so that it allows companies exclusively dedicated to their own business, for which they were created, instead of wasting time looking for shipping options.

A great advantage of hiring a freight consultant is that these companies; do not waste time and money in the execution of their functions thinking of two commercial fronts, saving hassle.

Ease of Mind

An important note is that companies feel liberated since the transport service is now the responsibility of the freight consultant; who takes the responsibility that the product reaches its destination in good condition and especially on time.

In addition, the freight consultant manages the business with an economy of scale model, consolidates the spend to save you money, time and hassle. Also, a freight consultant simplifies the legal mumbo-jumbo and handles better negotiations with suppliers so that their rates are more affordable. The idea is that customers feel satisfied with the service provided.

What is better?

Freight consulting services provides reporting and data at your fingertips because, the freight consultant has all the necessary information to send periodic reports with updated, real and reliable data to their clients for the decision- making process. This monitoring already saves time and research work. Freight consultant with these excellent services becomes your specialist in freight.  Additional benefit that a conventional shipping company does not offer within its shipping freight quote.

InXpress Shipping Company reports

How InXpress Canada is the business solution for your business

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In Canada, one of the most recommended freight consultants by companies is InXpress Canada. Firstly, this freight company is all throughout Canada and its parcel shipments reach most of the world. InXpress doesn’t just use the carrier’s services, but actually partners with them so that companies receive the highest level of service. Secondly, working in conjunction with large freight delivery service companies, make them one of the largest freight companies in Canada.

InXpress Canada deals with the carriers so that you do not have to. This means that chose only the best carriers with exclusive shipping rates: DHL, Canpar, Purolator, Day & Ross, Vitran Express, Maritime Ontario, YRC and much more.

InXpress Canada also works with all types of packages, by air, sea/ocean or land, so basically, whatever your needs are. InXpress manages a suitable system for the coordination of reception and delivery called WebShip+. And if all this was not enough, you have third party insurance in case there is an accident or inconvenience on the way. An excellent alternative; if your business is looking for a reliable freight consultant in Canada and not only a shipping company.

ShipBetter with InXpress Canada services


InXpress Canada supports the customers by providing a personal shipping consultant to gain confidence in their freight forwarding service provider. Webship+ also provides companies’ accounting departments a break by consolidating all shipments into one invoice. In conclusion, we can say that hiring a freight consultant is the greatest decision for improving the results of your business. It helps that the productivity and logistics of the value chain of a company to operate to its full potential.

Some of the great advantages that we list below about the freight consultant:

  • Optimization of resources: save Money, Time and Hassle.
  • Cost reduction in logistics processes throughout the supply chain.
  • Reduces time-consuming sourcing activity.
  • Avoids sweating the small stuff and allows for testing the waters without your company taking the first risk.
  • Increase in productivity in the main activity of the company.
  • Security and confidence of the contracted service.
  • Insurance and guarantees on the merchandise.
  • Proper planning to minimize delivery errors.
  • Excellent coordination in route logistics and package deliveries to the end customer.
  • Customer satisfaction.