How to pack pallets for Shipping Freight

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Pallets for shipping as a solution

Shipping can be a headache sometimes and even more so with bulky items. Good news, is that there are industry standards to ensure everything reaches its destination without any bumps along the way. Pallets for shipping is used as a solution for packages to arrive in good condition. The use of pallets for freight can be considered a tricky Tetris game, but it is necessary to know how to arrange boxes properly.

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Freight Truckload

You want to avoid damaging merchandise during the trip. For more information about how to pack for shipping LTL/FTL, click here.

When preparing skids for shipping, it is important that the standards meet the established ISO. Currently, there are many companies that work with their own rules and recommendations, so that when you request for a free online pallet delivery quote, you can choose the option that offers the best service, quality and price.

This article will provide tips on how to prepare your freight.

Ultimately, you want to turn every online quote into effective sales!

1.- Make sure you use the right materials for your pallets for shipping

pallets for shipping freight


To start, choose a pallet made of strong materials in good condition, with a non-slip surface. The most common material used for pallets is pine wood. Nowadays, you can find plastic shipping pallets that are highly resistant to weight.

2.- On a pallet for shipping the heaviest is always packed first

Once you get a good pallet, start by placing the heaviest boxes on the bottom for stability. Secondly, place boxes containing light elements at the top to prevent them from deteriorating.

Pallets Patern ShipBetter with InXpress

When stacking the load, the boxes should not arranged in the same direction; rotated boxes have better grip. Imagine a puzzle or a brick wall.

The skid should not have any large gaps between them to withstand the impact from the hustle and bustle of the journey. 

Let your freight consultant know if the skid is “non-stackable.” 

3.- Boxes should not exceed the edges of the pallet itself

Not exceed the edges of the pallet for shippingThis will prevent boxes from losing stability and having everything fall off. For instance, what is worse than having damaged product?

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Ask for an online freight quote on any shipping website. The most commonly used measurements are 48 inches by 40 inches (width by length).

4.- Before proceeding with the packaging,

Secure and tie down the entire load to the pallet with the help of packing bands. Good quality bands, for example, are steel, polyester or polypropylene to provide resistance and stability.

5.- Once all the boxes have been organized

Wrapping PalletLastly, proper packaging must be guaranteed with the use of plastic packaging film, a material that allows the entire load to be compacted in this way providing stability when in transit.

One of the biggest mistakes from the customers is trying to “save” the amount of plastic packaging film. Trying to cut costs by using less wrapping will affect the quality of the service.

The proper packaging technique with plastic film will depend on the technology available on hand. Packaging can be manual or automated with the help of a wrapping machine. Above all, a machine will optimize resources, especially #time, #money and #hassle.

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